Timbergriffen Theater Company

We are the joint efforts of Early College of Arvada and The Pinnacle Charter school. We joined forces in 2016 because ECA had incredible kids but no space and PCS had the space and an incredible tech internship with Wonderbound.

Zachary Vaughn and Kelly Bidstrup Graham met and realized they were directing soul mates. Working incredibly well together, they navigated the merging of two different directorial styles and combining student bodies to pull off 2 really wonderful shows their first year; Sherlock Holmes and Guys and Dolls. During the 2017-2018 season they've taken on 3 productions, a 24 hour 1 act festival, In the Heights, and Steel Magnolias. Every show we get better and better.

This 2019-2020 season includes some exciting new ventures for the program as a whole. Our Musical this year will be Chigaco, and the Play will be Noises Off. The fun, however, does not stop with the big shows. Cabaret Night will give the students of our program an opportunity to shine on their own. With many fun events coming up we appreciate your support of our little Theater Company.

This program is a gem for both schools and a yet undiscovered diamond in the rough for the Federal Heights and Arvada community. Take a chance on us, see a show. Support local theater and theater education. You'll be surprised by what our kids can do!

Timbergriffen Theater Company

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